If your site is running on WordPress, we highly recommend using the WordPress plugin to install Subscribers on your site. The whole process only takes a few minutes to set up.

Important Note: these instructions are the same for HTTP and HTTPS users.

1. Sign up for a Subscribers account here.

2. Now go to the admin dashboard of your Wordpress website. On the left sidebar menu look for Plugins, hover over it and click on the Add New menu option.

3. On the top right of this page, in the Search bar, please type in "Subscribers.com" or you can click on this link to be taken to the Subscribers plugin page.

4. After you find the plugin, click on Install Now.

5. The plugin will begin the installation process. Once it's finished, that same button will now say Activate. Please click on Activate.

6. After you click on Activate, you should be taken to the Subscribers plugin settings page like you see below. If you are not redirected, please click on Settings and then Subscribers.

7. On the Subscribers Settings page you’ll be asked to add your Subscriber Site ID.

8. To find your Subscriber Site ID follow these steps: sign in to your Subscribers site>make sure you are on the correct site> Scroll down under Site Settings and click "Site Details" 

>copy the Site ID you see here.

9. Paste the code into the Site ID field and click Save.

10. Woohoo! You’ve just installed the Subscribers code onto your WordPress website. Your last step is to verify the installation is done correctly. Go back to your Subscribers account and Scroll down under Settings then click on Install.

Then Scroll down to the bottom and click on Verify installation.

11. If you’ve received this message, you’ve installed it and verified it. You should now go to your website and become your very first subscriber!

12. If you receive a failed message, please try troubleshooting based on any error messages we display. If you are confident you have installed the code correctly you can override the verification tool manually by clicking here.