TLDR - This is super important. If you want your push notifications to be received by anyone, you need to follow the steps in this guide. 

Hi Subscribers Users, 

The information below is set out to walk you through some changes that you may need to make to your site. 

Before you continue reading, please note that this only applies to users on HTTPS sites. Users whose websites are on HTTP do not need to worry about this as we have taken care of it already.

Recently, Google Chrome made some changes to the way they handle push notifications and have allowed us to add some really cool new features that you will start seeing soon. 

This update coupled with the amazing growth has recently experienced has caused some degradation in delivery performance. There's one more update to be made and it's on your side. 

There was a file that you uploaded to your website when you installed Subscribers and this file needs to be swapped out for our latest version. 

Again please note: This only applies to users that have an HTTPS website on Subscribers. If your site is on HTTP, you do not need to do this.

If you are on Wordpress and you use our Wordpress Plugin, all you need to do is migrate to your plugin directory, update the Subscribers Plugin to the latest version and you’ll be good to go. We’ve written an article that will walk you through how to do this here. (Don't forget to clear your site cache after the plugin update!) 

If you are not hosted on Wordpress the process is a bit more in depth. You will need to:

  1. Have access to the root folder of your domain. We’ve written an article to walk you through this process here

  2. Download the new service worker file here

  3. Remove the file that is currently installed in the root directory of your domain

  4. Replace it with this file you have just downloaded and save it

Once you have replaced the service worker file or updated your Wordpress Plugin you will not need to do anything else. 

This fix should improve the deliverability of your push notifications so make sure you don’t delay on this! We will be sending out another email soon that explains these changes in more detail... the important thing to take away from this article is to update your script as soon as possible to see improved results. 

And lastly...

Please note: If you manage more than one site on Subscribers, you will need to do this on each one of them. 

If you have any questions please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.