So you've got a Shopify store and you want to use Subscribers? Good news! We can help you make it happen if you follow these simple steps: 

STEP1: If you don't have a Subscribers account yet, Head on to to start your account by selecting the option to install Subscribers Shopify App.

If you already have an existing account and you want to add your Shopify website, simply click on the "Add Site" and select the option to Add Shopify Store.

Both processes will lead you to download the Subscribers app from the Shopify App Store.

STEP2: Enter your Shopify domain, please note that it has to be default "myshopify" domain so even if you already have a custom domain please enter this one.

Step3: Login to your Shopify account.

Step4Click "Install App" and that's it! Subscribers will be installed and verified automatically by the system.

Feel free to contact us at for further assistance.