Scheduling your web push notification allows you to choose the most suitable time to send messages to your audience which helps increase the chances of them taking your desired action it also allows you to take time zones into account, ensuring that notifications are delivered at a convenient time for users anywhere in the world.

This feature allows users to send push notification on a specific time and date.

Here's how to use the Schedule Notification feature.

Step 1: Click on the "+Create Notification" button at the left side of your account dashboard.

Step: 2: Fill out your push notification contents

Step 3: Scroll down to "Delivery" then select "Send Notification on". then enter the date and time and


     -You can select from your own timezone and the subscriber's timezone but please note that when selecting "Subscribers Timezone" we suggest setting the time at least 24 hours to be sent due to the following reason

   - if for example, you scheduled a push for tomorrow at 2 PM Subscriber’s timezone, it is supposed to be sent to each subscriber tomorrow at 2 PM their local time.

Now considering the fact that the world’s earliest timezone is UTC+14, there is a possibility that the website site has subscriber(s) in that timezone, so that’s why the notification will start processing as soon as there’s 2 pm anywhere in the world. In this example, the processing will start at 12 AM, but the actual push to the subscriber will be delivered only at 2 PM his/her local time.

To avoid such conflict, We'd recommend that you schedule a subscriber timezone notification at least 24 hrs before.

Visual Guide: